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30. 10. 2005
Norbert Baro  last update 16. 02. 2007

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30. OCTOBER 2005
Wetzlar - Mittelhessen Arena


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Review by Anne Ruprecht

I was enjoying myself too much to be able to do a song-by song analysis. In any case, I couldn't find fault with any of them and would simply rave about how breathtaking the performance was, how soft and tender (a spark tingles to my bones) his voice was on 'Shooting Star' and 'Don't think Twice', how rough and harsh (again the sparks) on 'Cry a While', how good it was to hear him playing the harmonica (four times, if I remember well), how varied the band's style and renderings. Absolutely wonderful. The band was brilliant and the interaction with Bob fascinating and totally admirable. The mixed audience (there seemed to be quite a few young people there), really seemed to appreciate the merits of the performance and the atmosphere was great, despite the fairly uninspiring new arena in Wetzlar. The highlights? I remember once reading on the 'how you know if you are a Bob Dylan fan' page that you know you are if someone asks you what's your favourite Dylan song and you get a migraine headache! It was a bit like that with last night's songs. I think the highlight for me was 'New Morning' - or maybe 'Cry a while' or 'Drifter's Escape' or 'Shooting Star' or 'Hard Rain' or 'Senor' ... , then again maybe 'You Ain't going' Nowhere', even 'God Knows, or, of course, 'Honest with Me' etc. The company I was in was also great, the view from the second row phenomenal and it really was a totally unforgettable evening.

Review by Lee McMillan

I read the web page concert reviews with excitement before my first Dylan experience in Germany. I'm originally from Australia and was lucky enough to grab tickets for Bob's Wetzlar show. Whilst it’s always good to see him and I've followed him since a very young age, I'm afraid I don’t have the same memories as those of the reviewers on your web site. I'm actually not sure if they were even at the same concert. Are they sure they are talking about Wetzlar in Hessen..... in Germany........ My memory is of an old man who still has that aura and the amazing songs but he's unfortunately a long way past the time when the aura was created. His voice is sadly illegible - even for native English speakers like me - and his so called 'upsinging' occurs more often than not. Everybody is always excited about the possibility that this show will some how be the event when he sings clearly - like he can and did so 'recently' on 'things have changed' but these are invariably pipe dreams. As for the reviewers, it’s fine to love and respect the genius of the guy and his longevity but I don’t see this as an excuse to write fairy tales. It only builds readers expectations that usually end in disappointment. It’s a sad indication of a show when the highlight of a reviewer's comments focuses on the songs played and not how they were performed...

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Ring them bells
Down along the cove
Canīt wait


Bob Dylan
Mittelhessen Arena Wetzlar
October 30th, 2005

Bob Dylan in Wetzlar 2005 - Bootlegcover

unidentified label
complete show

Bob Dylan CDR Artwork  Guide 2005 



1. Drifterīs Escape
2. Senor
(Tales of Yankee power)
3. God knows
4. The times they are a - changinī
5. Cry a while
6. Donīt Think Twice, Itīs All Right
 7. Highway 61 revisited
8. Shooting Star
(Bob with harp)
9. You Ainīt goinīNowhere 
10. Just Like A Woman
11. YHonest With Me
12. A hard rainīs a . gonna fall
13. New Morning
14. Summer days
15. Like a rolling stone
 16. All along the watchtower



Bob Dylan 
Piano, Vocals

Stu Kimball

Denny Freeman

Donnie Herron
  Violine, Mandoline
Pedal Steel, Banjo

Tony Garnier 

George Recile


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