Shows in Vigo / Spain
27. 06. 2008
last update 23. 06. 2008

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27. JUNE 2008
Vigo / Spain - Recinto Ferial


Bob Links

Review by Borivoj Terek

It doesnīt fit any doubt, June 27, 2008, is already a date that will be remembered in Vigo forever. The day dawned radiant, it couldnīt be in another way. The Tourīs Staff stayed 2 days before in the city, with the cattering prepared in the fairground, checking sound and testing the band in order that nothing was out of order. And certainly, it was obviously by the way things later happen. A bad news crossed the city as a gunpowder: " Mr Tony Garnier has problems of back and the presence of a doctor has been needed " someone said. Doc "Paco" rose at the instant to the fairground and solved matter but: " Tony, will play sat down" (bad pressage?). Maria - one of the 3 "runners" of the local promotion - was near to Bob " He looks great " said the brown skin " gipsy face " girl. "I have a feeling that tonight its gonna be a mythical concert, she sighed.
And then came, it couldnīt be in another way. The song of the night that noone of us recognized until the sound of the celular phone with a sms told us" Handy Dandy, iīve got you? Je ". The great "Pelda" (bassist also suffering from the evilīs back of the day) had recognized the great version, which of any form already it had filled us with enthusiasm. The sound was precise, exact, acuratte. The acoustic guitar and the banjo was listened perfectly with brightness, over the sonorous electrical base. Tony by moments, stand up & turning the double-bass, we can saw him happy and that was transmitted for sure. Everything seemed like in a dream, almost unreal, and then started the most powerful version that we had heard before of "Highway 61 Revisited ". The fairground almost broke down, it was really great. The lighting returned to go down and there sounded " Beyond the Horizon " & " Summer days " to give the final step to " Ain't talkin " with a low lighting, projecting their shades on the backdrop. Bob's voice was magic, sounding cozy and frightening at the same time.
(Bob Links)


Lonesome day blues
Handy Dandy
Highway 61 revisited
Ainīt talkinī


Bob Dylan
Vigo, Spain
27 June 2008

Bob Dylan in Vigo 2008 - Bootlegcover

Soomlos Recording
Complete show

Lewis & sewART CD Artwork 2008


1. Leopard - skin pill - box hat
2. Lay lady lay
3. Lonesome day blues
4. Girl of the North country
5. The leveeīe gonna break
6. Stuck inside of mobile
with the Memphis blues again
7. Moonlight
8. Itīs alright, ma
(Iīm only bleeding)
9. Spirit on the water
10. Things have changed
11. Handy Dandy
(First live performance)
12. Highway 61 revisited
13. Beyond the horizon
14. Summer days
15. Ainīt talkinī
16. Thunder on the mountain
17. Like a rolling stone



Bob Dylan 
 Guitar, Harp, Vocals

Stu Kimball

Denny Freeman

Donnie Herron
  Violine, Mandoline
Pedal Steel

Tony Garnier 
Bass, Stand up Bass

George Recile


Bob Dylan Picture
 Archive 2008