Shows in Temecula / California
04. 09. 2008 

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04. SEPTEMBER 2008
Temecula / California
- Pechanga Resort & Casino

Bob Links

Review by Robert Sommers

The songs were of course revamped so that they could not be followed or recognized too easily by the casual hummer. Much of the music had a 1,4,5, twelve bar root and I started going crazy with all the turnarounds. As a great musician once remarked about Dylan, "he ain't no Segovia". It started to get real sing-songy and I thought how tired some of the idioms were from a musical nature and also about the complete absence of polyrhythm. Or musical freedom. Or real emotion for that matter. The crowd as usual was ecstatic, with a great mix of old and young, the latter being very pumped and jazzed. It was almost an intellectual exercise for me. Maybe I was tired. The memorable Dylan shows for me, like Albuquerque on the Lesh tour or the great nights with Santana, were the nights when he delivered something real from the heart. Something that went beyond the act. Yes, he's a genius, but I don't think that he particularly feels comfortable as an entertainer. Or really likes people. He is the most acute writer the age has ever known at pointing out human foibles and idiosyncrasies. But he seldom talks during his performances and rarely delivers anything that's not tightly woven and pinned down. So I hate to say this, he can be a real drag. Apostasy. Heresy. But neither he nor his band look like they are having any fun at all. Nor was I. Except on some academic level.
(Bob Links)



Bob Dylan

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1. Watching the river flow
2. The times they are a -changin´
3. Lonesome day blues
4. Just like a woman
5. The levee´s gonna break
6. A hard rain´s a - gonna fall
7. ´Til i fell in love with you
8. The lonesome death of Hattie Carroll
9. Honest with me
10. When the deal goes down
11. Most likely you go your way
(And I´ll go mine)
12. Love sick
13. Highway 61 revisited
14. Ain´t talkini
´15. Summer days
16. Öile a rolling stone
17. Blowin´in the wind


Bob Dylan 
Piano, Vocals

Stu Kimball

Denny Freeman

Donnie Herron
  Violine, Mandoline
Pedal Steel

Tony Garnier 
Bass, Stand up Bass

George Recile


Bob Dylan Picture
Archive 2008