Shows in Snowmass Village / Colorado
30. 08. 2008

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30. AUGUST 2008
Snowmass Village / Colorado - Snowmass Town Park 

Bob Links

Review by Jack Brockie

Rainy Day Women started and the crowd went crazy. Nice opener. Bob was in fine form and good spirits. It's All Over Now to quiet the crowd. Bob sang this very well. Great second number. Most Likely…amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Great version. I like the new rearrangements of the songs from 2007. Bob was smiling around. Then he'd look at the crowd and give a snare. Cry Awhile. The Denver line was great. Crowd Loved it:. Bob would walk around and fiddle with his harmonicas, but would not play them. After this one he did some stretches by lifting his legs up and then squatting low. He did this for a few seconds. Stuck Inside…really great as this song was in my head the whole trip to Denver/Aspen. Bob would point to Denny, Stu and Tony every so often as they were playing. Love Sick…amazing song. Great new version. I was surprised and excited by this number. Tweedle Dee…great one. When it started you can not recognize it for a few seconds and you think it's another song, but turns out to be this one. This was a fantastic version. SIMPLE TWIST OF FATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) I thought it was Make You Feel My Love for a few bars as I was conversing with my new friends. Then "They sat together…" Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) My favorite song. I've never seen this one live until tonight. So I was once again mesmorized and watching Bob. Ballad of Hollis Brown…great great!!:) Donnie had his Banjo and before they started the song I thought it may have been High Water, but Hollis Brown was what it was and it was amazing. Summer Days. Everyone was dancing. Bob gave out large grins and he would l ook out into the audience and smile and laugh. Fun song. Under The Red Sky. I was happy with this as it has turned out to be one of my favorite songs live. Very good version. Highway 61 Revisited. This was rocked as well. Number 12 and I was fearful we were coming to an end with no Modern Times songs. Visions of Johanna. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was pitch black in the night when he played this one. Took you back to 1966. Amazing phrasing on the last verse on this version. He built and built this song up. It's Alright Ma…amazing new arrangement. Bob & the crowd really got into this one. After this song the band left and I was fearful of no Nettie Moore tonight. The band walked back out and Like A Rolling Stone. The crowd went crazy and Bob had large smiles and sang this one with enthusiasm and passion. All Along The Watchtower. Very good as well. Bob played and sang this one well.
(Bob Links)

Most likely you go your way
Simple twist of fate
Visions of Johanna


Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan in Snowmass 30. 08. 2008 - Bootlegcover

Milehigh Recording
Complete show

Lewis & sewART CD Artwork 2008



01. Rainy day women #12 & 35
02, It´s all over now, baby blue
03. Most likely you go your way
(And I´ll go mine)
04. Cry a while
05. Stuck inside of Mobile
With the Memphis blues again
06. Love sick
07. Tweedle dee & tweedle dum
08. Simple twist of fate
09. Ballad of Hollis Brown
10. Summer days
11. Under the red sky
12. Highway 61 revisited
13. Visions of Johanna
14. It´s alright, ma
(I ´monly bleeding)
15. Like a rolling stone
16. All along the watchtower  


Bob Dylan 
Piano, Vocals

Stu Kimball

Denny Freeman

Donnie Herron
  Violine, Mandoline
Pedal Steel

Tony Garnier 
Bass, Stand up Bass

George Recile


Bob Dylan Picture
Archive 2008