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Shows in Letbridge / Alberta
30. 10. 2008
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30. OCTOBER 2008
Letbridge / Alberta - ENMAX Centre 

Bob Links

Review by Geoff Nash

I'm not sure who else could keep up this kind of a pace ... well, besides Neil Young. Bob and Neil should tour together ... maybe add Petty, Lynn and put Ringo on drums for some kind of freaky Wilburys part 2 collaboration ... but I digress. After a fairly soft Girl of the North Country, the band started to get into their groove with High Water. Then followed a string of favourites that was the highlight of the show for me. Chimes, Rollin and Tumblin followed by Hard Rain. This was the heart of the performance. Bob's voice, although ragged ... but when hasn't it been ... gave me chills. As others have said, the social commentary is as relevant now as it ever has been. Even a casual listener has heard the refrain: "Chimes of Freedom flashing," and the gut-wrenching refrain of "It's a hard, it's a hard, it's a hard rain's a gonna fall!" Bob does indeed, know his song well before he starts singin'. Bob stepped away from the keyboard after Hard Rain to sing a quiet song from Time out of Mind. I felt the energy ebb somewhat over the next few songs, only to pick up with an energetic Highway 61, the main set ending with Thunder on the Mountain, which I only recently became familiar with after picking up tickets for the show. A very good show finale. The crowd was very appreciative, being a very sweeping mix of seniors, parents with kids and teenagers. After about 5 minutes the band came back for a fitting encore with Rolling Stone and Watchtower. If the house-lights had not come up, I'm sure the o
(Bob Links)

Chimes of freedom


Bob Dylan
Lethbridge 2008


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Bob Dylan CDR Artwork Guide 2008



1. Watching the river flow
2. The times they are a - changinī
3. lonesome day blues
4. Girl of the North country
5. High water
(For Charly Patton)
6. Chimes of freedom 
7.  Rollinīand tumblinī
8. A hard rainīs a - gonna fall
9. īTill I fell in love with you
10. Beyond the horizon
11. Summer days
12. Love sick
13. Highway 61 revisited
14. Ainīt talkinī
15. Thunder on the mountain
16. Like a rolling stone
17. All along the watchtower 


Bob Dylan 
Piano, Vocals

Stu Kimball

Denny Freeman

Donnie Herron
  Violine, Mandoline
Pedal Steel

Tony Garnier 
Bass, Stand up Bass

George Recile


Bob Dylan Picture
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