Shows in Clemson / South Carolina
23. 09. 2007

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22. SEPTEMBER 2007
Clemson / South Carolina - Littlejohn Coliseum


Bob Links

Review by Jeff Kurtzman
Having seen the Nashville, Atlanta and now Clemson shows, I think it is fair to say that all the Denny Freeman bashing should come to an end. While the power and rhythm of the Garnier-Recile duo is undeniable, Freeman is the featured player in the band now. His sweet slide guitar on Rollin' and Tumblin', frenetic fretwork on Watchin' the River Flow, Highway 61 and Summer Days and grand magnificence on Like A Rolling Stone show he can rock with the best of 'em. In addition, his subtle jazz stylings are highlights on the slower numbers like Spirit on the Water and When the Deal Goes Down. He may not be as explosive as previous guitarists, but I'm guessing he could do that if that was what Bob wanted.

Review by Robert Fishel
Anyway, Bob Dylan and his band came out next. I was shocked at how loud they played. Who ever set up the sound system last night should have been fired. My sister's boyfriend said that he couldn't understand a word Bob was singing, and I agree... because the vocal mike was turned up so loud it distorted everything. He has a killer band, though, and they delivered some fantastic, raunchy blues and powerful ballads. We did not stay for the encore, primarily because our ears were ringing. My wife and I then drove back to NC because she had to work this morning, and is now doing so on three hours sleep. Who comes up with shows on a Sunday night (or the Super Bowl, for that matter), anyway? You know, the working class have to work on Monday morning. It's what makes the world go around. So, overall I would give the music an A, the sound quality a D, and the general atmosphere a C (due to the heat and constant beer runs). I've seen Bob before and he puts on a great show, but I don't think I'll be watching him play in a basketball arena again. Bob, if you read this, please come back to Greensboro!

(Bob Links )

John Brown


Wanted !!

Lewis & stewART CD Artwork 2007


1. Leopard - skin Pill - box hat
2. Don´t think twice, it´a all right
3. Watching the river flow
4. Just like a woman
5. Rollin´and tumblin´
6. Spirit on the water
7. John Brown
8. Stuck inside of Mobile
with the Memphis blues again
9. Honest with me
10. Workiingman´s blues 2#
11. Highway 61 revisited
12. When deal goes down
13. Summer days
14. Like a rolling stone
15. Thunder on the mountain
16. All along the watchtower


Bob Dylan 

 Guitar, Harp, Vocals

Stu Kimball

Denny Freeman

Donnie Herron
  Violine, Mandoline
Pedal Steel

Tony Garnier 
Bass, Stand up Bass

George Recile